ENQUIRING MINDS is an event series inviting you to deepen your connection with Australian Aboriginal culture.

The events provide on a multi sensory experience of contemporary Aboriginal culture through film screening, performance, native foods and honest, provocative conversation with Aboriginal artists, activists and cultural leaders.

Seeded by rock legend, performer and Australian change agent Carroll Karpany in collaboration with Erin Ender and Laura Issell , the ENQUIRING MINDS vision has been brought to life by a passionate group of individuals. The team recognise the lack of education available to Australians about our own cultural history and that Aboriginal culture is evolving and needs to be experienced to be understood.

The ENQUIRING MINDS vision is to create a movement of people who are hungry to engage with Aboriginal culture. We are working to provide a safe space for conversation and exchange of knowledge.

Together we want to acknowledge and celebrate the oldest living culture in the world.



ENQUIRING MINDS was launched in November 2016 over two sold out evenings.

The events featured dance, a film screening of MOTORKITE DREAMING, music performance by Carroll Karpany and a Q&A panel with Robbie Thorp, Viv Malo, Louise Terry and Charlie Hill Smith.

We would like to thank all who attended and filled the evenings with their enthusiasm, questions, warmth and passion for the project.

We would especially like to thank our incredible team for volunteering so many hours and giving so much love to this project.